Drainage trenching for rainwater runoff

Scureman Excavating, LLC


Commercial   |   Drainage trenching

Mansfield, PA


The Problem

Rainwater runoff from a neighboring property caused standing water in parts of the client's parking lot, which led to algal growth (Nostoc algae, also known as witches’ butter), slippery silt deposits, and icy conditions in winter.

The Solution

Scureman Excavating, LLC added a drainage swale along the upper edge of the parking lot to redirect the runoff toward the edge of the property and over a bank where it can find its way to the roadside ditch at the lower end of the property. Once the muddy soil dries out more, the untidy edges of the swale can be shaped and cleaned up for grass to be seeded.

The Result

After a recent hard rain, water flowed from the neighboring property and into the swale. The parking area was wet only from the rain that fell directly on it and showed signs of drying normally.

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